Trends 2012: Wedding and evening dresses

Trends 2012: Wedding and evening dresses

If you want to know everything about the nature of women, slightly open the door of her wardrobe. In this lady probably find a pair of elegant dresses to the floor, while the saucy lady surely has in its arsenal, two or three dresses with slits on the body or legs. A common feature of two different natures serves the desire to have their items in the collection of fashionable styles of evening dresses, not to mention such a solemn things, such as a wedding dress.

Evening wear in 2012
The main trends in the evening fashion is asymmetric shapes and sophisticated design. Almost all dresses famous fashion designer are made on the basis of direct long dress and added a deep cut on his chest, collar-stoechkami, fitting sleeves (which is rare for an evening of fashion). More than ever relevant sections of the legs. They can be located at the side as well as the center of the skirt, the most attractive opening your legs.
Especially popular are dresses decorated with colorful prints or inserts from other tissues. Again come into fashion fur boas. The most appropriate colors evening dresses 2012 are celadon, burgundy, cream, blue and black. In the new year will be relevant so-called dress “chameleon”, made of shiny iridescent fabrics. Beautiful outfits would look painted in two contrasting shades, complemented by fragmentary drawings.

Bridal wear in 2012
Designers wedding clothes offered the girls to return to the traditions and long white dresses to try on, which clearly demonstrates This catalog of beautiful wedding dresses. In 2012, the stylists have decided to plunge in era of graceful shape and air materials. The most appropriate style is “case”, “fish”. Still in vogue A-silhouette and princess dress.
With regard to the individual components, it should be said about the deep neckline. Strapless or spaghetti straps with a single – the trend of the season. Not bad for on-the slender girl dress with short sleeves of lace. Openwork trim on the bodice and welcome. Another fashionable item in 2012 – a bow at the waist. Make it a note: the most attractive element of decor, this looks to high-waisted dresses. Another feature of fashionable wedding dresses became a long train. It is present in almost all dresses.

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