Refuse to walk in high heels, even a model?

Refuse to walk in high heels, even a model?

Simple townsfolk, for sure, may have noticed that most of the stars, going out, put on his feet only heels. There are stars, we can not imagine without a heel for a minute. For example, a spouse Beckham, Victoria. Not long ago, eminent model Gisele Bundchen surprised everyone by saying that the studs is not only indifferent, even more. Gisele just refuses to wear them. In this case, no heels Gisele walks like in real life and on the podium.

Fashion designer Balenciaga Commenting on the situation, explained that because of this belief model, he had to change the collection. Nicolas Gesker explained that in his spring-summer 2011 all girls were to come to the podium to his heels on the 11-centimeter heels. Once the model Bundchen saw that she was, she simply refused to go to the podium. Famed model was supported by her colleagues – the top model Karoin Murphy and Amber Valletta.

The designer explains the fear of high heels that they really can be quite simply fall on the catwalk, as often happens at the shows. Horrific crashes entire internet is full of models.

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