Polo shirt 2012 – Unisex style for every day

Polo shirt 2012 - Unisex style for every day

There is in man’s clothes closet, which has never losing ground in popularity. These things include t-shirts, polo, which has long been held in high esteem in men at all income levels.

Not surprisingly, the main advantage of polo shirts – universality. And these are the things that are appropriate for different images, and are able to remain in demand always.

Polo style – a combination of classic and sports shirts t-shirts free cut. Retained some elements of the shirt – the cuffs and collar, but the polo-shirt collar is soft and sure to turn-down. The sleeves are short they are more likely – just above the elbow, although there are options with a maximum length. Throughout the world, known for polo shirts, sports brand Lacoste, but other companies produce such products. To those concerns FILA clothing online store which offers a wide selection of shirts, polo.

The color scheme of these t-shirts include all the possible colors – from white to black. Of course, for an informal situation, you can select options for the most vivid and rich colors. Well, better to wear a suit thing discreet pastel shades.

Traditionally, for the manufacture of shirts, polo knit fabrics are used, inter alia, knitted jersey. Because of this a T-shirt style comfortable, reasonably enough stretching and wear.

Wearing a polo shirt to work, you can easily combine it with classic trousers and jacket. This is one of the most relevant combination for the style of casual, which makes a slight negligence in all the usual office style.

Initially, polo shirts were considered only part of sports style. These shirts have long chosen by all the famous tennis players (hence another name for a shirt – “T-shirt”). No less popular is the clothing in real boaters and golfers.

In addition, T-shirts are perfect for everyday – in the club, to work, to date, and just for a walk. The bright polo shirt combined with jeans, light jackets, moccasins and stylish accessories create an image in the style of smart casual.

Classic polo shirts, plain, but today there are many models interesting. For example, the mass-produced shirts in a narrow or wide horizontal stripes of contrasting colors. Do not neglect the designers and original prints. Some time ago, for example, were actual prints as an anchor and a total of maritime subjects. And today on polo shirts can be found even embroidered designs.

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