Selection of stone on a horoscope

Selection of stone on a horoscope

It has long been believed that stones, charms can improve health, well-being to bring the family, to bring good luck and to bestow inner peace. But it is also capable of stones and damaging, such as hip, cause depression and even take on life. So before you buy jewelry or stone talisman, note which of the stones for you. This can be done in different ways, but the most accessible – this is selection of stone for the Zodiac. Each zodiac sign has a certain quality, time and the corresponding specific needs. In addition, a properly selected stone will activate your positive features and mitigate weaknesses.

The stones fit the first sign of the zodiac, a fearless fighter for justice vigorously, Aries that rubies and sapphires, are also suitable citrine, rock crystal, agate, cerdolik, amazonite, lapis lazuli.

Selection of stone on a horoscope

Persistent, hospitable Taurus with their great vitality should pay attention to beryl and tourmaline, agate and a bull suit, turquoise, cacholong, moonstone.

Impatient satirical Gemini the choice of mascot should pay attention to malachite and amber, citrine, fit this dvuhharakternomu sign rhinestone, pearl, amethyst and garnet.

Erratic as their patron Moon Cancers suitable moonstone, pearls should be worn, if you really love it, fits cancers and sparkling opal, rock crystal.

Majestic, but prone to pride, Lions suitable diamond, the beryl and amber, and golden-orange stones shades.

Critics and pedants Virgo should opt for stones: jasper, agate, and onyx, lapis lazuli are also good, amber and rock crystal.

Selection of stone on a horoscope

LibraAlways striving for harmony, perfect stones are amethyst, quartz, citrine and lapis lazuli, rock crystal.

Selfish, knowing himself (sometimes inflated) price, Scorpio suitable stones aquamarine and heliodor and turquoise hair-worm and Labrador.

Sociable and friendly SagittariusOften affected by their integrity, you must stop the choice on hyacinth and emerald, amethyst or, rock crystal, jasper.

Capricorn, Which is peculiar ambition and who judge people by sticking to tradition and success, it is better to choose a topaz or Labrador, are also suitable gloomy agate and malachite, onyx, sometimes, rock crystal.

For the curious, and original Aquarius encouraged to acquire grenades, turquoise and pearls, this approach also romance and rock crystal, citrine, amethyst, jade.

Creative and artistic Pisces mascot can safely choose amethyst and moonstone, green and blue crystals, also podholyat fish jade, jade, rock crystal.

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