Jacket Alaska

Jacket Alaska

In the 70 years in the Soviet Union emerged from winter jackets of America. They immediately gained immense popularity and with jeans became a symbol of Livays fashionable and prestigious clothing. People love “Alaska” (this is dubbed in the Union Alpha N3V) earned, thanks to the excellent heat-performance, excellent quality materials and unique style.

In the western world jacket Alaska also had success in the market winter clothes, called her simply “park”. In contrast to the Union, where it was an expensive men’s clothing and was not all can afford, in Western Europe and the U.S. NZV it became popular, inexpensive jacket accessible even to schoolchildren.

The history of the model N3B Parka starts at 50 years of the twentieth century during the Cold War. U.S. military was needed clothing that could provide comfort and warmth of the pilot in the cockpit when he was at high altitude. One of the main conditions was that the clothes were the most convenient and not shackled motions pilot.

Developers of military clothing drew attention to the clothes aborigines. Their coats were soaked with fish oil and thus had a water-repellent qualities, but due to its unique design and excellent save heat can withstand extreme cold down to -70 Celsius.

Not fundamentally changing the design of the jacket and its main characteristics, developers created it using the analogue with the latest materials.

Alaska Jackets won the love and respect among the American pilots as they were exceptionally warm, and it is very convenient. Subsequently added a hood jacket with fur, and she was able to completely protect the face from the cold and snow.

The park has quickly become popular not only among military and civilians.

Currently, N-3B is a classic and standard warm winter jacket. Millions of copies worldwide out replicas of Alaska. But not all brands adhere to strict military standards, resulting in jackets lose their thermal properties. We recommend buying a jacket online clothing store on the world-famous brand Alpha Industries.

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