Trends in the hair of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS for Fall / Winter 2012

Trends in the hair of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS for Fall / Winter 2012

Heavy clouds hung over the city and protyazhno cowardly hiding rays of autumn sun. Horizon frowns and promises another autumn downpour. The rain will bring with them chaos of horns and shouts nervous, busy people and bemused glances that seemed to not notice the rainbow of colorful umbrellas that laughs in the face of the gray cityscape.

Hurriedly left her home, chased by time. Rush to the office – as always happens on Monday morning. While avoiding puddles and look out for shoes, you realize that you forgot his umbrella – as always happens on rainy days. Passes by the central cozy cafe. The tail is patient number of men and women whose charm is hidden somewhere deep in the folds of their strict office dress. You may want to take a cup of hot coffee, snuggled in the embrace of one of the armchairs and pomechtaesh for spring to bright colors and sunny emotions …

Yes, autumn can be grim. But that’s not only her face. After a hot summer with its long and sleepy afternoons, autumn brings the dynamics of change, the city is razsanvashtiya, new challenges and emotions. And when the streets are covered with a carpet of yellow leaves and the temperatures begin to fall, the city began murmured about new fashion trends.

Trends in the hair of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS for Fall / Winter 2012

The architecture, dynamics, city lights inspire this year’s fashion trends in hair and clothes LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS. Stylists draw creativity from futuristic lines and shapes of the Spanish architect and sculptor Santiago Calatrava, whose buildings are a remarkable combination of art and functionality. This fall, fashion professionals LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS looking for inspiration and dancing in the theater of Pina Bausch – a legend of modern dance and one of the first choreographers in their performances combine elements of dance, theater, mime and everyday gestures. Dynamism, vitality and emotion of the dance are recreated in the current styles of the season. In the vision presented is found and the influence of Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. For light Eliasson’s art, which offers immense scope for improvisation. To top hairdresser LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS lighting installations iconic Danish artist is an inspiration to the imposition of lighter tones in the actual colors of the season, the bright colors and dynamic shading accents.

The basis of the latest fashion trends for the season stood two seemingly opposite concepts. On the one hand is the idea of ​​rationality, audacity and raw dynamics. On the other – trends “speak” the language of creativity and emotions pole. The two dominant ideas live in “conflict” or strange harmony in current models of this season. At times raw and chic minimalism are leading the clothing and hair. Suede retreat a step back, to release the first place of nail, skin and black nappa leather with a soft metallic effect. The style can be described most accurately by the phrase “less is more.” The design is clean and minimalist, so emphasized individual expression and charisma. Dress code is simple but does not fully colored scarves and accessories, items of tweed, leather and lurex.

Trends in the hair of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS for Fall / Winter 2012

Trends in clothes “look around” in the male wardrobe. Jacket and trousers are an important part of the androgynous style, but more bulky jackets are often soft and long shawl collar characteristic of evening costume. Insteps jacket is inspired by the short waistcoats, waistcoat and not always up to the waist. Trousers is a matter of individual choice – a narrow type of cigarette, standard or completely free.

Minimalist line is dominant and trends in the hair of exclusive French brand. Visions of top hairdresser LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS wear futuristic urban feel. The forms are simple and clean, so to emphasize individuality and leave enough space for imagination. Acute and asymmetrical lines speak of strength and confidence, and the colors are vibrant enough to stand out against the concrete jungle. Signs of androgynous style and feel here, but rather hairstyles convey the idea of ​​modern femininity and sexiness.

Fashion trends in clothes this year and have another person – the emotional and colorful. Animal prints and patchwork fashion yet to reveal its potential in the autumn and winter of 2012. Extravagant combinations of bold colors and fabrics are also allowed – mohair with leather, fur and tweed, flowers, stripes, paint and lurex. Remain highly relevant and knitting, whose warmth can not be compared with anything in the cold winter days. Masters of hooks offer loading dose of creativity. New yarns and pile fabrics, sculpted models and 3D shapes, bold combinations of different colors … all this makes sweaters and vests in works of art.

Modern visions in their hair also reveal a more emotional side. Presented by top hair hairdresser LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS evoke the image of the rebellious and headstrong city girl who kept their freedom and individuality in every respect. Visions are artistic, provocative, daring and fascinating. On the other hand hair “speak” the language of femininity, sophistication and impeccable style. The trend for saturated and clear colors remained the dominant colors are bright – by Rousseau, in warm maroon to bright red.

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