Hairstyle trends 2012

Hairstyle trends 2012

Turned, twisted, plaited – Star stylist Luigi Murenu about current hair trends
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Luigi Murenu is responsible as Global Creative Consultant for John Frieda hair looks for every season, are among the highlights of the international runways. His breakthrough came with Madonna since the 47-year-old pop star the Drowned World Tour 2001 for the souped-up, the Sardinian-born is itself a star. In an interview with Vogue Murenu reveals the hair trends for the new season.

Hairstyle trends 2012

Look for what you have styled this time?
Luigi Murenu:
A total of nine. In Milan, at Gucci, Antonio Berardi, Max Mara, Ferragamo and Pucci, Rick Owens at Paris, Viktor & Rolf, Givenchy and Chloe.

Sounds exhausting.
No, it is not at all. I use every spare minute to take a nap. Also, I’m just here in Paris a lot of friends with whom I meet for lunch. This is something very private, an atmosphere in which I relax well.

Would you really with a lot of luggage?
There are about 25 cases. One need not only combs, brushes, hair pieces, extensions and wigs, but also a lot of electrical devices.

And how big is your team?
We are usually about 30 stylists. With less the workload would be to not create. Pro Model 20 may be expected, more than 30 minutes.

Therefore, the relatively simple ponytail and Duttvarianten are so popular?
They go so relatively quickly. Nevertheless, one must always come up with something new. This season there are rotated, for example, or almost-turned-ballerina chignons, in which not a hair out of line dances. In addition, loosely woven, almost deconstructed braids that start deep within the neck. And of course all kinds of ponytails. It is important that the mind is not shallow. He structured with styling mousse or teased him lightly. While this all sounds pretty basic, but for me simplicity is the epitome of elegance.

What products are included in your basic equipment?
Currently, I love working with the new “Full Repair” by John Frieda line, which was designed specifically for heat styling. And open structure for long hair hairstyles I swear on the “strength-mousse” from the “Luxurious Volume” series.

Hairstyle trends 2012

The shows are over now. What do you do next?
I’m always a bit sad when the circus is over – I’m almost as a kind of post-show depression. Fortunately not for long. The turmoil continues, yes. Once the collections are the campaigns that I’m booked for Gucci, Versace and Max Mara. And numerous magazine productions.

Since her debut with Madonna working with many stars. It is difficult to style celebrities as models or normal women, because she embodies a certain type of need or want?
No, most are just curious and like to experiment every woman. Perhaps this is also due to my nature, to convince them. Once I Hilary Swank for a Vogue shoot a giant head was teased. First, very carefully, then the hair was getting heavier. Raquel Welch We played and had fun!

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