Womenswear Brioni

Womenswear Brioni

Regrettable: Brioni has decided not to continue his womenswear line and returns to his roots, men’s fashion, back

As the fashion house is now confirmed for 25 September be set canceled show in Milan. The collaboration with Senior Designer Alessandro Dell’AquaThat since May 2010 working for the Italian fashion house was, is finished. Brioni CEO Francesco Pesci thanked the designer for his “excellent work” and expressed his regret about the development. Brioni also the production with approximately 100 employees affected by the changes that have been rumors about the acquisition of Parisian luxury group PPR, however, disputed.

Womenswear Brioni

“This strategic decision we made to our strength again to focus on the menswear market, which is always contested, and global,” the statement said the fashion house.

In Germany by “Brioni-chancellor” Schröder announced the company estimates worldwide recognition in the field of excellently tailored menswear. Gaetano Savini, who founded the fashion house in 1945, together with the tailor Nazareno Fonticoli was, his time as “Dior men’s fashion.”

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