The perfect touch of smugness: The Peter Pan collar

The perfect touch of smugness: The Peter Pan collar

Alexa Chung makes for an eternity ago, the latest in this season the trend is again conquered the catwalks: Peter Pan collar is not in the fashion world, nothing more. Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton laid before, Topshop and Zara moved to – the small rounded collar adorns feminine blouses, dresses in A-line coats and even severe and plays skillfully with a hint of smugness.

In the warmer months you could see the Peter Pan collar Рas the Brits call it the Peter Pan collar Рalready spotted occasionally on floral blouses. As was the severity of the collar emits the nerd look a little recognized. The round now but back in the winter looks. Clear colors are joined by very happy for Peter Pan collar, classic black and white combination must not be missed because, of course. But even more cheerful colors adorn themselves happy with the round Krägelchen, particularly fond of this dress, it gave me the French brand Sandro .

For me as a business student who watch anyway to comply does not have the typical Pearl Earring clichee, the Peter Pan collar was always one of those things … With the casual “to me does not-stuffy style” √† la Madame Chung I Unfortunately that is not blessed.

But what I have discovered, has finally convinced me of the Peter Pan collar: Jana of the ornament, shows us a sweet do-it-yourself leather collar . Unfortunately, I have two things DIY (perceived five) left hands – is the dream of a real challenge …

Nadine from nadineandthecity has perhaps the rescue at hand: The accessory shop offers a wide variety of variants of the small Abataba collar for retrofitting. While not quite as cool as homemade, but here you have the free choice: Of Sequin and plush fur all there.

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