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Why do the two tennis icons Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe are still raking in money with their rivalry – and what that has to do with underwear

The one wearing perfectly parted blonde hair, tailored suit, elegant footwear. The other shines with short hair and white shirt, buttoned up to the top. Fesch act both in their fifties when they stand next to each other, and kinda boring. Your treat each other respectfully as friendly, respectful familiarity. It sits opposite the former tennis star Bjorn Borg (55) and John McEnroe (52) and believe it not, the two icons will once one of the notable rivalries in sports history have been fought?

Fortunately, the eye sees only what it wants to see. Since the growing casual Swedenborg, when he “formerly of” speaking at once again shoulder length hair. They are restrained only by a snow-white headband that has the spirit and sweat of the absorbed 70 and 80. The stubble was mowed three weeks more.

Sovereign volcano

Borg, who is cool and Sovereign, when he speaks, almost back on a tennis court, serene as ever he thrashes the balls. The American McEnroe is on the opposite side, picks his way around to a lot of short white sports shorts. Wild and unrestrained as his curly hair, he whirls like a dervish on the tennis court, always ready to break out like a volcano and maƟzuregeln the linesman and ball boys. Wood at his appearance is only the tennis racket in his hand.

A duel, just broken down on any kind of good versus evil. This works, captivating, has lured millions of people in front of the television and tennis out in the mainstream. “We were a bit like yin and yang,” Borg told in the STANDARD conversation. The only sporting rivalry between the various world-class athletes have tennis player Pat Cash once described as a duel “heavenly angels against the Antichrist.” “Although I am the Angel was probably only because of my blonde hair,” says Borg.

Thrilla in Manila

Borg won five times en suite has a lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon. In his last triumph in 1980 was the final opponent for the first time John McEnroe. The match went down in history as the sport of boxing “Thrilla in Manila” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. McEnroe struggled in the fourth set tiebreak seven match points from some heroic – and still won the set. The fifth and then secured the match but Borg. “Many people who remember the finale to remember, but only in this fourth set,” said the Swede. “And many believe that I have lost the match.” A year later could reciprocate a brilliant McEnroe in the Wimbledon final.

The Rock ‘n’ roll, which surrounds the two men is 30 years later still palpable, even if they sit on this sunny day in London and just chat. Rock has the hobby guitarist McEnroe once brought his rebellious nature and nonconformity to the tennis elite. Borg gave the style and the accompanying colorful fashion.


Has 14 duels between Borg and McEnroe are all given on the tennis tour. Each won seven of them. And because the fans do not get enough of their rivalry, they could have also played exhibition matches and charity games. More than 50 estimates McEnroe. Until today they earn good money – and the audience is happy. Competitors Borg and McEnroe, the tennis tournaments for today numerous TV and radio were commented, but only on the court. They have remained friends.

With his business practices away from tennis Borg proved a less happy knack. He is said to have amassed $ 130 million in his career assets, launched a brand underwear and walked on the tracks so that the tennis player Rene Lacoste and Fred Perry, preceded as a fashion designer. 1996 was “Bjorn Borg” spectacular crash. Ten years later he sold his five Wimbledon trophies to make money. Only John McEnroe, he could persuade them to buy back again.

Branded goods

Since 2006, Borg also holds no shares in the company more, but stands as a consultant and testimonial to the disposal. The brand is flourishing, in addition to underwear are also shoes, swimwear, bags, eyewear and perfumes in the Bjorn Borg Design in 15 countries, including Austria, available. For the current campaign, the company also win John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg as the gaudy colored shorts created even two – virtually the first duel of the two sales. “Bjorn has promised me that I get a fair chance and my shorts are not hung in the back of the shops,” says McEnroe.

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