Magazine “Garage”

Magazine "Garage"

Dasha Zhukova, the former editor of the “Pop” magazine, and girlfriend of Roman Abramovich is launching a magazine, in “garage” is to fashion, art and design come together

A Prada dress and a lemon-Moncler coat of anchovies, “garage” can blur the lines between fashion, art and design. Or as Mike Meiré, art director of the German magazine “032c” and more recently formulated by “garage”, told the New York Times:.. “The issue is very different from other magazines, it’s like the bush of Pandora is known never what will happen on the next page. ”

Magazine "Garage"

The booklet, which is named after the contemporary art center, Dasha Zhukova opened in Moscow in 2008, depicts co-known personalities from the fashion and art scene. Thus did artists Dinos Chapman, a puppet version of model Lily Donaldson has created, which is drawn with clothes from Marc Jacobs and Mary and the photographer Nick Knight Katrantzou staged for one of three covers. Another cover shows a naked model, whose lap of a colorful butterfly sticker is covered. Photographed by Hedi Slimane, the label comes from Damien Hirst. Subtracting the sticker reveals a butterfly tattoo, which was also designed by Hirst. Also Giovanna Battaglia, Joan Juliet Buck and Shala Monroque act in “garage” with. The magazine will be launched during Fashion Week in New York.

In addition to “garage” follow Dasha Zhukova and her boyfriend, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, also another project in the heart of St. Petersburg have bought the island of “New Holland” on which to restore the historic architecture and a globally important cultural center to create.

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