Lack of understanding on setting the fashion studies

Lack of understanding on setting the fashion studies

The rector of the Art University Linz can understand the decision but

The yesterday announced elimination of the bachelor degree at the Fashion Institute in Vienna Hetzendorf, has been of teachers and students taken with a lot of misunderstanding. As justification, the city of Vienna, represented by the Municipal Department 13, said that the program was meant to the pupils’ offer after graduating from the fashion school to further education with a university degree. ” This expectation would not have met only five Hetzendorf students and students attended in recent years the study. Basically, the MA13, “is the management and funding of universities within the mandate of the federal government.”

The former director of Hetzendorf, Gerda Buxbaum, who was responsible for the implementation of the bachelor’s degree, speaks of a “completely incomprehensible” decision. Solely for the academic year just beginning, there would be 120 applications for 25 places. Can understand the decision to the contrary Kannonier Reinhard, president of the Art University Linz (this university is a partner of Hetzendorf): “Education is not the focus of the City of Vienna is located in the university sector.” Already in the late spring, he told the Standard, there had been talks that have alluded to pages linked from Hetzendorf to a fundamental questioning of the study. The study is funded entirely by the City of Vienna.

The decision to close a bachelor’s degree, be made by agreement. Plans to implement a similar program in the immediate future at the University of Linz, there were not. Gunner: “In contrast to Vienna, Linz is not a fashion city.”

Ploier “snubbed”

Gerda Buxbaum locates just in relation to Vienna in great need of a practice-oriented fashion university education: “Many institutions are working hard for years to Vienna to establish as a business location for fashion The is the decision to discontinue the Bachelor’s program, an associated damper been granted.. ”

Appalled by the decision, there was also the designer Ute Ploier who will take over in October, the Chair of Fashion in Hetzendorf: “This decision has snubbed me I know in advance of any discussions..” Ploier will lead the expiring program for the next three years: “In this time I count on the full support of the City of Vienna.”

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