Kiev Fur Salon “Line of Dominoes”

Kiev Fur Salon "Line of Dominoes"

“Line of Dominoes”Represents a new line of furs: fur coats, sheepskin coats, sheepskin jackets, Mouton, jackets made of leather, fur vests and handbags.

Do not waste your time for nothing – choose the worthy stuff! “Line of Dominoes” 10 years!

Long ago, in the year 2000, from Kiev, accustomed to all the “charms” of the urban flea markets were pleasantly surprised to learn that in the very center of Kiev was opened today boutique leather and fur products “Line Domino”. The basic concept of the store is already formed at that time, emphasis was placed on a broad, relevant and frequently updated assortment of models.

Such a policy shop, and leave reasonable prices, and all the time to show the new collection, and pick up the product for each individual customer. The combination of these components allowed the salon to not only survive the competition, but also to become part of the market, gain national fame store.

In our reality – a world of generic standards and the rule of things, “Line Domino” has retained its central idea – a diverse lineup. Shop operates on the principle of individuality, finding his approach to each client. This helps the presence of a site – site of the cabin, perhaps the most informative when it comes to photographs from fashion shows. Salon provides its customers with on-line consultation with specialists, often produces articles describing the state of the market of fur products, and many other features. Salon “Line Domino” knowingly waives a network of boutiques – so that customers do not have the impression that they buy bulk, generic products. Therefore, from Kiev quite often come here for a reason. This is not necessarily just buy the thing, here you can discuss fashion trends of the season, to learn properly care for furAnd learn many interesting things. In our shop you always have the time, care and understanding.

In the near future salon – to develop the concept of the shop multibrand. Such status means working with the best suppliers, mainly Ukrainian, working with talented young designers (previously acquainted with their lines of clothing and the quality of performance), using the most modern techniques of manufacturing fur. Our salon is going to offer the people of Kiev 3 collections per year: spring-leather, leather-fall, and fur-winter.

Our prices are much lower than the cost of our quality.

Our mission – to educate our customers and the submission of high fashion. We say that the best mechanism – in Kiev, and they are available for each from Kiev, a follower of fashion.

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