In Britain banned the advertising of luxury brands

In Britain banned the advertising of luxury brands

Despite the fact that the sexual revolution is long past, but today the public is difficult as a surprise, prim and proper Britain still honors the blue laws and tries to protect its citizens from viewing explicit pictures too. This time the blow fell under a street banner advertising, in particular brand Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors.

The British Council in advertising (The British Advertising Authority) plans to ban the placing on the street billboards advertising clothes, cosmetics and perfumes, which promotes sex. If you remember the last campaigns of brands, you can imagine how empty a city. But early to panic, the ban does not affect all public places, but areas near schools and kindergartens.

“We want to protect children from viewing inappropriate and harmful of these posters. We must protect children and adolescents from this ostensible commercialization of sex, “- said in a statement the British Advertising Council. The organization even has prepared a report on the promotion of sex at a young age due to the influence of advertising on children’s psyche, but also produced a number of proposals. Thus, the organization believes that will save the children, allowing the placement of posters with a demonstration over the nude no less than 100 meters from educational institutions.

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