Film Project Louis Vuitton “Double Exposure”

Film Project Louis Vuitton "Double Exposure"

For the second part of the film project “Double Exposure”, the personalities of the film and arts industry portrays, actress Thandie Newton, Louis Vuitton staged

Stand for the first part is Sam Taylor-Wood on camera, it was now an actress Thandie Newton (known from such films as “The Pursuit of Happyness”, “W” or “Crash”) portrays. In a historical photographic process, from the 19th Century, the wet-collodion method, were shot in the finest hand-portraits of the actress – sometimes seductively in the Fetish-look at a draft of the new winter collection by Louis Vuitton, staged good times in high-necked dress with round collar.

Film Project Louis Vuitton "Double Exposure"

Next to the photo-portrait is in the film “Double Exposure” is always the personality of the model to be expressed. Thandie Newton, it shows various objects from their lives, which they associated with memories and stories. Below: A drawing from her childhood, her oldest daughter Ripley an object as well as their passport, who plays for the British African roots with a central role in their lives.

Film Project Louis Vuitton "Double Exposure"

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