Designer Inspiration

Designer Inspiration

Two more weeks until the start of the 2012 Berlin Fashion Week. VOGUE.COM with the designers talking about their inspirations and show exclusive pictures of their designs in advance
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A picture, a song, a movie or a quote: The inspiration of the designers who are at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin will present their summer collections are varied – and unique.

Sun would hardly have guessed Angela Merkel, it will inspire her saying “Multiculturalism has failed,” an entire summer collection. Under the title “Tolerance” is made Michael Michalsky this quote on its own and created looks that combine the clear architecture cuts with sporty transmission.

Equally exceptional is also likely to drafts of the designer duo fail Mongrels in Common, which again this season combines themes together, the opposite could not be: “Heidi goes scuba diving” is the title of the collection in which the two designers Livia Ximenes-Carrillo and Christine Pluess want to send the girl from the Alps “in the blue depths of the seas to dive.”

Send Patrick Mohr Which Models on the catwalk this season, remains to be further interesting contrast. After the Munich-based designer took care in recent years with bodybuilders and homeless people on the runway for excitement, he might also have something special this time made up. His inspiration collage at least shows that classical models, there will probably not this time.

Whether experimental or avant-garde classic understated – first impressions of the collections and further statements from designers such as Marcel Ostertag, Irene air, Rena Lange or Leyla Piedayesh see the gallery.

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