7 causes of yellow teeth

7 causes of yellow teeth

Everyone will certainly want an attractive appearance, but if your teeth are yellow, very definitely interfere with your looks. Don’t blame toothpaste if your teeth are still only yellow even though you never absent brushing my teeth regularly. The following 7 causes of yellow teeth, namely:

1. Herbal tea
Maintain good health with tea herbs became general habit lately. The body feels fitter, and more slender. However, it turns out that this herbal tea carries side effects are bad for the teeth. Those who routinely consumed herbal teas tend to have yellow teeth. Responding to this, researchers in Japan, as reported by the Dailymail, recommends that consumers prefer herbal tea is green tea. Katekin content in green tea can suppress the bacteria produce believable acid on teeth, so it’s yellows teeth more easily prevented.

2. Eye Medications
Perhaps you are confused, what is the relationship with eye drops medicine yellow teeth. However, this is indeed medicine eye drops into one of the causes of teeth become yellow. Chemical content in eye drops drugs suppress the production of saliva. Where will neutralize acidic saliva in the mouth. Because the amount of saliva is reduced, automatically acid inside the mouth will increase. Here the bacteria will proliferate more rapidly, so that the teeth become yellow.

3. Swim
Results of studies conducted on 500 men swimmers mentioned that 66% of swimmers suffered damage on teeth and teeth yellow. This is because the content of chlorine in the pool water. These affect the pH of water chlorine which causes his acid content is higher. To that end, let’s not forget brushing after swimming..

4. Tooth Whitening
How can teeth whitening teeth become yellow and even made? Well, it turns out the workings of teeth whitening is not as simple as we think. Most teeth whitening, working with eroded dental. And often, worn teeth whitening at home, it doesn’t work to its full potential. Instead, they instead erode whiten teeth, make it brittle and yellow.

5. White Wine
You might think that red wine is bad for the teeth, because of the color red. But it turns out that white wine it gives the effect worse for teeth. “White wine more quickly erode teeth,” says Dr. Paul Ashley, Director of the institution of dental health, University College Hospitals.

6. brushing your teeth After Eating The Sweet
With fear there are bacteria that live in the tooth, then you will hastily brushing your teeth after eating the sweet-sweet. Is it true that it is? It is precisely this wrong. After the process, so chewing mouth tends to be acidic. When it eventually neutralize mouth with teeth State issued to protect tooth enamel. If you are in a hurry, then brushing your teeth enamel will be wasted and bacteria-free growing. Thus For it is highly recommended brushing at least 1 hour after eating the sweet-sweet.

7. Diabetes
Cannot be denied that this one disease is indeed donated effect yellow teeth, even fragile, porous soil. Unfortunately, many diabetics are unaware that his illness has also affected the State of his teeth.

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