Fashion evening dress, 2011

Fashion evening dress, 2011

Time to invest time and money vsoe in fashionable evening dresses for weddings prestoyaschih, baptisms and other events. This is an investment which then seemed to us to work in full, fashionable dress decorated with us, we feel better and more confident, and people around us attention.

By studying the collections of designers, we did a short review of the most important fashion trends this season. The total of 60 models of dresses. We hope that you find at least one style that suits you, but if not, armed with knowledge about fashion this season, find your perfect evening dress in the shops.
Fashion dresses. Color


Fashion evening dress, 2011

The purple color in fashion this year. Evening dress, saturated purple color has an almost royal style and is suitable for special occasions. No matter which model you choose plyatya if it purple, you are the most fashionable.


Fashion evening dress, 2011

Evening dresses in shades of deep blue looks amazing, regardless of activity, type of figure or model dresses.


Fashion evening dress, 2011

And not just shades of fuchsia, but bright, amazing imagination, which makes the color look you in the next, this is definitely the style of a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it.


Red is still the native character of female sexuality, but this season he has hot colors in the form of a flame and coral colors.

Neutral colors

Evening dresses in black, white or beige is always the right choice for a more sophisticated style, but in the 2010-2011 season, they are not distinguished by the simplicity of cut as in the previous year.

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