Charlene Wittstock

Charlene Wittstock

Your heart beats for the fashion: Now Charlene Wittstock even has its own Fashion Week scheduled for Monaco. Everything about the idea of ​​fashion week and her wedding dress of favorite couturier Giorgio Armani and mentor

On 1 July, Charlene Wittstock, Prince Albert married civilly – in the turquoise XL-culottes with a matching blazer. A not uncontroversial, but extremely self-conscious choice. For the church wedding the following day confirmed that Charlene Wittstock in advance of the expected picture perfect bride: She charmed in an elegant gown, designed by Giorgio Armani. Your favorite couturier and mentor was graced by the classic white wedding dress with countless pearls, sash, and long veils lent the dress a simple touch of extravagance.

Charlene Wittstock

Stylish Charlene Wittstock was not always. With the dress she wore on her first official appearance in Monaco Red Cross Ball 2007, it is however not quite as happy as she confessed to the American Vogue recently: “I had played all day long beach volleyball, my toenails painted red and dressed in a green dress. Then I thought, it looks great. In retrospect, I think my debut in Monaco would have been better. ” Sharp tongues called the dazzling robe simply the “mermaid” dress.

The days of fashion mistakes are over. On the way to fashion icon is from Charlene Wittstock Giorgio Armani accompanied, she looks happy in the pants suits and evening dresses with deep necklines, “to emphasize the fine structure of the shoulders.”

Karl Lagerfeld guaranteed the former professional swimmer at a private fitting in his Paris studio, “. You will find a style icon bring you fresh and modern glamor to Monaco will.” During a joint photo shoot, he gave the 33-year-olds, even the choice of clothes, because he appreciates her sense of style, “She loves clothes with a clear interface and a touch of menswear that looks at her very feminine.”

Charlene Wittstock

In the Swiss fashion house Akris Charlene Wittstock has also found a fabulous designer. This was her appearance in a gray suit and matching coat for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William or the pale green Halterneckkleid that carries them on their official engagement picture.

Now the hugely admired bride is even planning a Fashion Week in their new homeland: “I want to Monaco to make a fashion capital, it would be wonderful with some of my international fashion friends like Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren team up and fill the space with energy..” An idea in which she even sees parallels with the former Monaco’s Princess and mother of Prince Albert: “Grace Kelly forged a connection between Monaco and the film world, and I want to create a strong bond between Monaco and the fashion community.”

Be the target of Charlene Wittstock, Monaco will become a fashionable hotspot seems not far away. The elegant gown by Armani with which the South African on 2 July before the altar was, was a first step.

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