Beautiful Celebrity Death Tumultuous World

Beautiful Celebrity Death Tumultuous World

1. Ruslana Korshunova
Beautiful Celebrity Death Tumultuous World - Ruslana Korshunova

Known as “Rapunzel Russia” in the world of models of the world, a 20-year-old girl and her family shocked the world when she fell from the balcony of his apartment on the ninth floor Manhattan, New York, USA. Police said the death of Ruslana due to suicide, although no messages found.

2. Anna Nicole Smith
Beautiful Celebrity Death Tumultuous World-Anna Nicole Smith

World long enough to witness the ups and downs in the life of a Playboy model of the 36-year-old, Anna Nicole Smith. Anna never embellish a heading-headlines magazine from his son’s death until her marriage to a billionaire octogenarian. On February 8, 2007, Anna found not animate in a hotel room the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood.

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