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Women’s long hairstyles

Do you want to find yourself an exclusive hairstyle for long hair – we recommend that you go to an interesting Russian portal, where you’ll find hundreds of interesting haircuts for you and your friends. Hair can be remarkably transform your appearance. A good haircut is usually expensive, but worth it. Cool Women’s long […]

Trends in the hair of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS for Fall / Winter 2012

Heavy clouds hung over the city and protyazhno cowardly hiding rays of autumn sun. Horizon frowns and promises another autumn downpour. The rain will bring with them chaos of horns and shouts nervous, busy people and bemused glances that seemed to not notice the rainbow of colorful umbrellas that laughs in the face of the […]

The choice of hairstyle – Attractive every day!

Choosing a hairstyle is an essential part of our style. Any self-respecting lady paying particular attention to their appearance as it is one of the main weapons for success in its endeavors. For better or worse, gentle mate invariably associated with beauty and charm, and countless hours in front of the mirror. And whether for […]

Short hair

This length of hair women choose a free spirit who is not afraid to stand out. Do not worry about the male stereotype that most delicate half – nice when long-haired. Short hair allows large eyes stand out further. Often owned a hair type that are creative people. When a person is found, either because […]

Hairstyle trends 2012

Turned, twisted, plaited – Star stylist Luigi Murenu about current hair trends Bitte klicken Sie hier. Luigi Murenu is responsible as Global Creative Consultant for John Frieda hair looks for every season, are among the highlights of the international runways. His breakthrough came with Madonna since the 47-year-old pop star the Drowned World Tour 2001 […]

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