How to decorate the bag

How to decorate the bag

We offer you another idea how to diversify your clothing or bag. In a previous article we showed how to make flower. Now we will show another version of this accessory. The creation of this flower takes relatively little time.

Are needed suitable fabric, cardboard to make templates, thread and needle, scissors, and minimal hand sewing skills.

Method of setting:

Step – Take the cardboard template and cut the flower petals. With the chalk outline on the back of the fabric and cut eight petals. To make the first cut petal take two pieces and place them one on another, so that the back of the fabric is on top. Make a simple running stitch. Similarly, the other petals and sew.

How to decorate the bag

Step two – Once you are finished sewing, turn the leaf face. Again tack stitched bottom and pull the thread to a pleated fabric. Sew good. Similarly make other petals.

To make the center of the flower you can use – big buttons or failing to cut out a circle of cardboard. Then cut out a little – a wide range of fabric so as to completely cover the cardboard. Fabric sewn well enough not to be seen inside.

Step Three – By the thread carefully attach each petal to the circle. On the bottom side can optionally stitched welt if you decide to use flowers in your hair or using a rectangular piece from the same cloth as the flower to make a bracelet.

If you plan to use the flower as a rubber band, but want to elastic is covered with the same fabric as the flower, take a rectangular piece of fabric and elastic, which should be a bit – piece of cloth. Once sewn elastic fabric to attach firmly to flower.

To make a flower – rich and big petals instead of four can make eight. If using striped fabric should consider how to cut the leaves, so that rulers be even.

Finished flower can be used as a rubber band, bracelet, but also as a way to hide defects in your shirt or bag decorations.

How to decorate the bag

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