Autumn – time fashion updates

Autumn - time fashion updates

Most fashion trends fall fashion – Scottish cell pattern under python, metallic sheen, a little more bronze and an organic combination of black and red colors.

As you can see on the above set, fall 2011 will not be boring and dull. In the capitals of fashion shows by famous designers paint and glitter of the metal may feel dizzy. Each costume to accessorize with precious and semiprecious metals and stones. Multi-colored ornament, decorated clothing, organic look boring at times fall. Many would agree that this python can brighten every outfit because of its high cost. Output is always there. The corresponding print for python perfectly complements the costumes, decorating them and making it more refined. Scottish cage fall and winter of 2011-2012 will be used in the design of shoes and accessories (handbags, purses, gloves). The mod is not a simple Scottish cell, and varied. It turns out that tartan is not necessary to be boring, it can be anything. Acutely fashionable today the combination of two colors – red and black. In addition, the ladies can afford to wear a hat with feathers. Not prohibited and bright rhinestones, sequins. In addition, this winter will be very relevant bag of fur.

Let’s talk about Scottish cage. Kilt, no doubt, is not so boring. Moreover, the idea of ​​using a kilt in the locker room long used by designers from the UK. Today, the cell can be not only where there is a kilt. Color pattern may well decorate shoes or boots, a shirt or dress.

Autumn - time fashion updates

Feature new trends in fashion, most likely in their practicality. Currently, you can combine that had not previously considered married. Of course, dressed entirely in metallic or bronze – ridiculous, but add a little metallic colors in the wardrobe need. Different trends can be combined with each other. Creating the autumn or winter image, give vent to imagination. At the same time remember that now in vogue.

Autumn - time fashion updates

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