How to make yourself accessory – flower

How to make yourself accessory - flower

How to make a beautiful flower to put in your hair as a complementary accessory to the outfit to quash ordinary dress or bracelet instead.

Materials needed:

* Old useless shirt
* Nail
* Ornaments of martenitsi / hang martenitsas Before any tree, remove all beads and pearls are strung on them /
* Template
* Needle and thread
* Glue
* Interlinings for flap

Here’s how to make flower itself:
Select a useless old shirt in a neutral color. Create two template petals of the flower – a – and a large – small.

With chalk or pen to draw shirt seven large and five small petals. Cut carefully with scissors.

Select the appropriate nail polish according to clothes, which you plan to combine the flower.Then, to make a cloth – and hard to protect it from unraveling, painting each petal. Paint your first from one side, and once dry the other side. You’ll notice that while using the same paint, the colors of the two countries differ. Let the front of the petals is this country that are painted first.

Collect all the large leaves and align the heap, and then sewn together by the needle.

Then do the same with small leaves. Pull the thread. Select the appropriate beads or pearls.

Shape the flower.

Thread the beads Thread and needle so as to keep the shape of the flower. Optionally, you can put three or more balls.

Cut a small circle of fabric and sewn to the back of the flower. To make it – stable, you can add and glue.

How to make yourself accessory - flower

Then cut a new piece of cloth in the shape of a rectangle with a length of about 2-3cm wide and 1.5 cm Fold fabric in half. Place inside the fusible material. Ironed.

This forms received after the strip-shaped ring and sewn to the back of the flower. Once you prishili, varnished.

Through this band will be able to attach pin / You strip sewn before, to check whether hairpin that you selected can pierce through it / to put your hair color to Thread a rubber band to decorate your flower or tail even in combination with a suitable place to ring in his hand. If you want to make ordinary shirt, jacket or dress – attractive, use a safety pin to put the flower on them.

How to make yourself accessory - flower

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